Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Long Live YLC 2013

Our final night ended with our annual banquet. With a four-course meal, we all were stuffed by the time dessert came! Throughout the night we all enjoyed special performances by our leaders, celebrating the fact that we survived the entire month at YLC, and watching the announcement of the winners of different awards. The main conversation during dinner was mostly about how amazed we all were that the month went by so fast, as well as exchanging our favorite memories!

After the banquet, each of us finally got our own YLC sweater! The sweater that all of us have been longing to receive. With millions of hugs, smiles, and good byes, most of the leaders departed to the airport at 3 am. It is a bittersweet feeling to say that YLC 2013 is officially over. 

Last but not least, LONG LIVE YLC 2013! 

Everyone looks lovely at the banquet. 
YLC 2013 banner is completed! 

Our main entre of the night! 
YLC 2013's camp gift: our camp slogan. 

NAD President Chris Wagner came to the banquet as our
special guest. 

Shayla Acree is enjoying the rainbow sprinkles from our dessert: Reeses and ice cream sundae bar! 

The winner of the month is Team Tortoise!
Cleanest boys cabin goes to Jr. NAD Cabin! 

Cleanest girls cabin goes to Cabin W! 

All Around Leader: Vladimir Slavov
Emerging Leader: Andrea Crouch
Most Optimistic Leader: Jehanne McCullough
Most Improved Leader: Ashley Pabon
Miss and Mr. Congeniality: Debbie Wheatley and Aaron Kellogg

More videos!

Videos from our YLC teams. Enjoy! 

Know our cabin mates!

Our cabins! 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Top Dessert!

Who's dessert came on top last night?!

The Galaxtrek's ultimate banana and chocolate chip cake pops!

Just kidding, our judges are not biased (although they were delicious)! Within an hour and various toppings of teams' choice, Tortoise brought home the cake! Ziploc ranked second and the Outlets and Supfuels were tied in third. With their creativity, teamwork, originality, presentation, and sense of flavor, our judges sure had a hard time choosing the best dessert because they all were delicious!

Tortoise's dessert!
Supfuels' masterpiece.
Outlets' dessert!
Ziploc's unknown visitors dessert!
Judge #1 and #2: Mr. and Mrs. Doubtwater.
Judge #3: Chef Jackie!  
Judge #4: Cowboy Linsay! 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Last few days to bond before YLC ends

By Ashley Kingston and Sarah Stanislow

Yesterday, we, YLCers, went to the Laundromat and the mall for the second time. We really enjoyed this trip. First, we washed our clothes—it was one of the best feelings because our clothes were dirty. We got to relax a little bit and chat while our clothes were in the washing and drying machines. Afterwards, we went to the mall to eat, shop, and have a good time. Everyone was in a good mood all day, laughing and bonding. Sarah Stanislow bought a pillowcase for everyone to sign on the last night of camp and it hit her that YLC is coming to an end soon and she will miss her friends a lot. Ashley Kingston was a little bit more superficial, buying lots of food to eat and buying a couple of clothing items and feeling so good about herself. It feels like time is flying and before we know it, we are on our way home. And we are totally not ready for that!
Smores, smores, ssmoresssss during fireside the night before.

Our traditional photo!

Our Galaxtrek

The Outlets

Team Ziploc

The Tortoise

The Supfuels

Jose Zandoval designing our YLC 2013 banner!

Can't say no to Reeses' fudge bars for dessert!

YLC 2013, good night !

Third week, already?!

Our leaders have successfully reached third week of YLC! With 24 days, they are getting the hand of YLC’s usual routine. Our camp food is becoming the most tasteful substances in our mouth when we chew (not that our food tastes awful- it is actually good!). Water is now our favorite fuel. Whenever a leader asks, “what time?” and our builder answers “5 pm,” our leaders are bound to scream “evening program!” By memorizing the creed, motto, and slogan, and knowing our schedule by heart, we know our YLC ’13 leaders are true YLC Leaders!

Builders Amanda Geffen and Mike Hesser teaching Outdoor Living Skills! 
Rimel resting!
Yolo joining the resting bandwagon. 
Recreational time!
An ASL story from Jenilee Simons Marques. 
A to Z story by Marilee Williams and Aaron Kellogg.